Chesspiece Seal
with stag motif

Object: Seal
Medieval. 14-15th century
Country/Area of Origin:
Nottinghamshire, UK.
Material: Bronze.
Size: 20mm seal width.
26mm long
Notes: Smooth handle, single suspention loop in complete and unbroken. Stag motif intaglio with single circular line around the edge is in good condition and still prints cleanly. Seal diameter is 20mm.

Chesspiece seal
with squirrel motif

Object: Seal
Culture: Medieval. Circa 14th century
Country/Area of Origin: , UK
Material: copper-alloy
Size: Diameter: 17 mm. Height: 18 mm
Notes: It has a tapering hexagonal-section handle, surmounted by a single-ridged collar and a simple suspension loop, both of which are unbroken and in good condition. The intaglio depicts a squirrel burying nuts surrounded by a Latin inscription reading "*PRIVE SV" (I am private).

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