Folding strap clasps
Folding clasp
King's Head clasp

Object: Clasp/Buckle
Culture: Medieval. 14th century
Country/Area of Origin: England. UK.
Material: Copper alloy
Size: w 20mm

Notes: Frame is complete and unbroken. The lower bar indicated the use with a plate. There is no indication that this was used with a pin. A single circular head has a crown with three points. The face has a horizontal mouth indented. Similar to: - PAS item: Record ID: LIN-1CA688 Object type: CLASP Broad period: MEDIEVAL County: Lincolnshire. Similar to MoL Egan & Pritchard, Dress Accessories, Item 568 which is categorised as a folding clasp.

Folding clasp

Object: Strap clasp
Culture: Medieval. 13th - 14th century
Country/Area of Origin: UK
Material: Bronze/ copper alloy
Size: Total 35mm x 14mm.

Notes: Folding strap clasp. Frame is slightly convex with a vestigal ridge near each corner. Narrow outside edge retains the folding end. Copper alloy rivet is in situ. The rectangular plate is recessed with a single copper alloy rivet present at the sprung attachment edge. Frame measures 15mm x 14mm. Plate measures 19.5mm x 11mm. Identical
to MoL Egan & Pritchard, Dress Accessories, Item No 556 found Billingsgate lorry park, London. Identical to PAS Record ID: BERK-FCEB3E Folding Strap Clasp, Wiltshire.

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